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Jane McCammon - CO Consultant

The current chairman of the Double Angel Foundation Carbon Monoxide (CO) Awareness Committee is Jane McCammon. Jane lives in the foothills of Littleton; is the very proud mom of Kate (who just got her Culinary Degree from Johnson and Wales) and Mac (who just started classes at CU Boulder); and spends a lot of time with a guy named Chuck. Jane served as a uniformed officer in the US Public Health Service (USPHS), having achieved the rank of Captain (O-6) when she retired in February 2005. During her last assignment with the USPHS, she served as Director of the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) Denver Field Office. Prior to that, she was assigned to serve with the Colorado Department of Health (CDH). During these two assignments, and over the course of her entire career, she conducted groundbreaking investigative work on the issue of engine emissions and specifically carbon monoxide poisonings. Following the death of Logan and Dillon Dixey, she conducted ground-breaking research that led to the identification of more than 570 fatal and nonfatal CO poisonings on recreational boats throughout the US . By combining information from these poisonings with her innovative environmental investigation of outdoor poisonings, she became nationally recognized as an expert in boat-related CO poisonings. The US Coast Guard, National Water Safety Congress, and National Boating Safety Advisory Council recognized her contribution to boating safety, awarding her their highest level civilian awards. She has been extensively interviewed by all forms of local and national news media related to identification of the scope of the problem of boat-related CO poisonings as well as ongoing research in poisoning prevention.

Claire Bauer-Babik - CO Consultant

Claire and her husband Gabe (a retired police officer) live near Lake Norman NC, and also have a condo in Pittsburgh PA near family members. On Labor day (September 3rd ) 2001, Claire's brother, Skip Bauer, died from CO poisoning on Shasta Lake in California . Claire's loss is profiled on the US Coast Guard Office of Boating Safety website

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Claire has been a tremendously effective Boating Safety Advocate since Skip's death. Her stated (and demonstrated) goal is to do something to honor her brother every day, so that other families will not have to go through the same tragedy. Claire's message is simple. CO exposure is real and deadly. CO poisonings are very preventable. In Claire's words, this

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Dr. Robert Baron - CO Consultant

Dr. Baron and Jane McCammon have been research colleagues since Dillon and Logan died. He lives in Phoenix AZ , with wife Kay. Their daughters are college students at U of A (Alexis) and Xavier University (Lindsey). Dr. Baron wears many professional hats, serving as a full-time Emergency Care Physician at Banner Good Samaritan Regional Medical Center in Phoenix as well as Medical Director for Prehospital Care at Glen Canyon National Recreation Area where Lake Powell is located. Under his direction, Park Medics developed invaluable investigative information documenting boat-related CO poisonings that began occurring on Lake Powell in 1990. He was the first to recognize the problem of outdoor boat-related CO poisonings as a public health epidemic. Dr. Baron and Jane McCammon have pioneered research about boat-related CO poisonings nationwide, working with the Department of Interior, US Coast Guard, National Park Service, boat manufacturers, and numerous others to prevent further deaths and poisonings.


Jim Gabriel & Renee Carey - CO Consultant

Jim and wife Sherry live in Lakewood CO . They and their daughter Renee lost Ken Kidder to CO poisoning on a Lake Powell houseboat. Jim and Ken were on a father/son-in-law outing with a number of other metro-Denver men, when their houseboat propulsion engine propellers were entangled with ropes during the process of mooring the boat. After the engines were turned off, Ken went into the same airspace beneath the rear deck that Dillon and Logan entered when they died. Ken drowned within minutes of being exposed to CO in the engine exhaust that was still trapped in the airspace. Jim and Renee were instrumental in launching the recent Double Angel project in which we joined with Colorado State Parks to distribute 10,000 educational brochures and stickers to boaters throughout Colorado . The majority of costs of that project were covered by the Ken Kidder Memorial Fund. Jim and Renee continue on as vital resources for the CO Awareness Committee.


Other Committee Members

Dr. Kenneth Dixey,  President - Double Angel Foundation

Bambi Dixey, Vice-President - Double Angel Foundation

Karen Dunkel, Office Manager - Double Angel Foundation