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Carbon Monoxide Danger in Boats Educational Presentations

 “Idaho 2009 MAC Meeting – Carbon Monoxide Presentation” by Jane McCammon & Dr. Robert Baron (large powerpoint presentation)

9/29/09 ITLS Conference — Boating Related Carbon Monoxide Poisoning by Dr. Robert Baron (powerpoint presentation)

Drowning and CO Poisoning (Animated Presentation -

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Carbon Monoxide Poisoning book

Congratulations to Jane McCammon, Carbon Monoxide Advisor to Double Angel, for publishing a chapter on the danger of CO in boats in a new publication, Carbon Monoxide Poisoning .  Jane continues to fight our cause of educating people to this ever present danger on boats.  Her chapter is a very comprehensive study of this issue and we are proud to offer everyone the chance to read it.

Carbon Monoxide Dangers in the Marine Environment Reprint

National Case Listing of Boat Related Carbon Monoxide Poisonings

Double Angel Foundation thanks the generosity of Jane McCammon and now Claire Babik who painstakingly search records to make this Case Listing as up-to-date and accurate as possible.  While strides have been made, there are still incidents — Carbon Monoxide is a danger in the marine environment.

April 2008 National Case Listing

Boaters Protect Yourselves from Carbon Monoxide Brochure

CO Danger Brochure


 The last swim; boys’ deaths expose invisible killer

 Study backs lake “death zone” theory

 Divers find bodies of brothers in lake 
 9 died in past 6 years at Lake Powell; CO blamed for these deaths 
 Racing legend Unser almost was a victim 
 CO is killer on Lake Powell 
 Powell killer gas escaped all notice 
 Bravo to health official who took bold step 
 Fatalities from boat exhaust studied; 2 Colo. boys among 9 Lake Powell deaths 
 Park Service warned of gas; told Coast Guard about Powell risks 
 How far back do Powell deaths go? Office convinced CO is old problem 
 More rules for safety on houseboat 
 Poison threat very real 
 U.S. calls for houseboat fixes 
 Making a difference – twice in a week 
 Deaths of Parker boys inspire houseboat study 
 Lawmaker pursues recall of houseboats
 Take precautions against “silent killer”
 From Lake Powell, words writ in tears 
 U.S. must take lead on houseboat safety 
 Dealing with a deadly dilemma; houseboat firms feud, fail to fix fume problem 
 Struggling to stop houseboat deaths; firms try safer venting methods
 Houseboat deadline nearing but generators still emit deadly CO 
 Company to fix own, other makers’ houseboats 
 Studying a silent killer; Feds testing houseboats, CO

 Few firms give ideas to repair boat flaw 
 Public awareness is behind requests for hearings 
 Probe of houseboat peril sought; trio in Congress seeking inquiry 
 Answer for houseboats? Businessman touts gas-exhaust solution 
 Probe sought of houseboat hull design


 From Tragedy to Triumph

Jenda’s Story

Skip’s Story – Loss of a Loved One



 Centers for Disease Control/NIOSH Topic Page on Carbon Monoxide Dangers in Boating

Evaluation of “Fresh Air Exhaust” System to Reduce Carbon Monoxide Exposure during Motor Boating and Wake Surfing

US Coast Guard Safe Distance Study (regarding Carbon Monoxide) - minimum safe distance for towing persons behind a gasoline powered vessel 

National Park Service Public Service Announcement about CO Dangers in Boats

Know Before You Go in a Boat



Dr. Penney’s CO Headquarters

Boat US

US Coast Guard Office of Boating Safety


Coast Guard Recall Press Release

Coast Guard Presentation Regarding Shower Device Hazards

Shower Installation

Double Angel Request for Coast Guard Action – Ski Boat Shower Device


Special Investigative Section - The Arizona Republic
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carbon monoxide poisoning, or legislative action,
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