About Us

Labor OF Love Becomes Field OF Dreams

Double Angel Foundation was originally founded to create a place for more youth to be able to play the game of baseball. It became a labor of love for Ken and Bambi Dixey, two long-time Parker, Colorado, residents who lost their two youngest sons to carbon monoxide poisoning.

Rather than living in sorrow about the drowning deaths of Dillon and Logan during a houseboat vacation in 2000, Ken and Bambi Dixey decided to make a positive impact on youth. Their dream was to build much-needed baseball fields in Parker, offer sports scholarships and educate people about the dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning.

The community rallied around the cause and opened up their hearts, their wallets and their resources so that an incredible ballpark could be built and enjoyed for generations to come. The opening of the Double Angel Ballpark on June 3, 2006, marked a major milestone for one of the three Foundation missions.

Although the baseball complex continues to be owned by the Double Angel Foundation, it is now leased and managed by Gameday Baseball.

With the baseball complex complete and the management duties being handled by Gameday Baseball, the Foundation now focuses its attention on sports scholarships for youth ages 5 to 18 and raising awareness about carbon monoxide poisoning in the marine environment and on houseboats.

All of the DAF goals are made possible thanks to the generous support of the community and volunteers, as well as the Board of Directors: President Ken Dixey, Vice President Bambi Dixey, Treasurer Kathy Denson, At-Large members Tony Anderson, Dan Farland, Jodi Frank, Mike Nicola, Steve Small and Jessica Farland-Cox, and Office Manager Karen Dunkel.

Other proud achievements include

  • 40 acres of land secured through a long-term lease
  • Developed an extensive volunteer network
  • Donor recognition brick campaign was fully developed and implemented
  • Scholarships given to underprivileged children to allow them to participate in the game they love

Future Goals

  • Provide baseball scholarships each year to youth ages 5 to 18
  • Save lives by continuing to provide and improve our carbon monoxide safety campaign both on a local and national level

Impact on the Community

For many generations, the game of baseball has provided youth from all walks of life the opportunity to share team spirit and experience a full sense of accomplishment. The Double Angel Foundation’s mission is to enhance self-esteem, while fostering good sportsmanship, leadership and citizenship through team play.

The dangers of carbon monoxide from houseboats had been vastly underestimated until brought to the forefront by the Dixey family tragedy. The efforts of the Foundation’s ambassadors have created awareness that will save many lives in the future. This effort will continue.

Key components

The need for additional baseball fields was evident when many children in the community did not receive priority for scheduling. There were so many adult leagues filling the schedule that they often sent the youth leagues to another county to fulfill their league commitments.

An avenue for ongoing carbon monoxide awareness. Educational exhibits and plaques will be placed at the complex to make the public aware of the dangers.

Generate funds for scholarships. The Foundation will award up to $7,000 annually in sports scholarships to area youth ages 5 to 18. In addition, and as funds allow, the Foundation will contribute to various teams and leagues, including Parker Youth Sports.

Tangible way for community to respond to tragedy. The entire project is a way for people to respond in a positive manner to the loss of the two boys who were members of the community. A sense of pride will be felt by every person and company involved, knowing they made this project a reality.