• Baseball/Softball Players may be Eligible for…

    Denver metro area baseball and softball players between the ages of 5 and 18 may be eligible for a scholarship to help defray the cost of playing their sport. The.
  • DAF Meets Growing Demand for Sports…

    The Double Angel Foundation was pleased in 2020 to meet a growing need for youth baseball and softball scholarships throughout the metro area, awarding $6,317 to nine individuals and Parker.
  • A decade after tragic car crash,…

    PARKER — When the Ponderosa community lost two student-athletes and their parents to a tragic car crash a decade ago, the school saw potential for a memorial — and hope.
  • Double Angel Ballpark, built in memory…

    PARKER — Upon entering Double Angel Ballpark, visitors are greeted by a poignant bronze sculpture of two boys playing baseball. The art, and the entire facility, stand as a memorial.
  • DAF Helped Many Youth Pursue Their…

    Three Denver area youth, Parker Youth Sports and Gameday Baseball were the 2019 recipients of the Double Angel Foundation’s efforts to make baseball accessible to all children. With scholarships to.
  • Financial Aid for Baseball/Softball Players

    The Double Angel Foundation (DAF) is looking for baseball and softball players between the ages of 5 and 18 who may need some financial assistance to play their sport. DAF.
  • The Last Swim

    The Last Swim; Boys' Deaths Expose Invisible Killer By Judd Slivka and Maureen West The Arizona Republic December 31, 2000 Pat Horning is sinking, sinking, sinking into the blue-brown waters.
  • Tips to Protect From CO Posioning

    Boaters: Take Note of These Tips to Protect You and Others From CO Posioning The dangers of carbon monoxide from houseboats had been vastly underestimated by many boaters until they.
  • Carbon Monoxide Checklist

    Before you operate your boat, make sure to check the following on EACH and EVERY trip. Educate all passengers about carbon monoxide poisoning. Make sure all exhaust clamps are in.